Cycling through Swedish towns

Sweden is clearly one of the most beautiful countries in Scandinavia. It has not only pure and untouched nature, it is also full of nice little towns and villages. Malmö, Uppsala, Stockholm or Göteborg all have their very own special charm.

In Sweden it is easy to travel from one city to another by bike. Not only because the distances aren’t long, but because it is almost effortless. Sweden rarely has hills and therefore it is especially easy to go everywhere by bike.

In the following we will explain which cities are particularly good for cycling.


The city of cycling par excellence: Malmö. In Malmö everyone can go by bike at his or her own pace. Also, there are countless parking possibilities for bicycles. In addition, the whole city is flat and so it is easy to travel by bike.


If you are a tourist in Gothenburg, you can rent bicycles for going through the city. That alone makes Gothenburg a true gem among Swedish cities. Even guided tours can be done by bike. In addition, it is a cozy town with countless cafes and everything is easy to reach.


In the beautiful international university town of Uppsala, almost everyone owns a bicycle. Everybody buys at least one bike at the beginning of their studies and takes it through the city and to university. The nature around Uppsala is also impressive and can be reached by bike.


Stockholm is the capital of Sweden and bigger than the other surrounding towns. It has around 900,000 inhabitants. Stockholm is also easy to cross by bike. However, the traffic here is more dangerous, and you must be extra careful. Stockholm’s nature and the Baltic Sea can also be easily reached by bike and that alone provides an extra bonus.