Cycling in and around Malmö

Sweden is one of the most amazing countries for cycling. It is not only full of beautiful nature, you will also find extremely friendly people and nice villages and towns. One of these towns is Malmö. Malmö is also known as one of the best towns for cycling in Sweden. In the following we will tell you why.


The beautiful city of Malmö lies around Skåne in the south of Sweden. Therefor it is also one of the warmest places in Sweden. The small city has around 300.000 inhabitants.

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Malmö’s bike paths

Malmö is small and therefor it is easy to go around Malmö by bicycle. People who live there say that cyclists respect each other and therefor it is easy to go around town in your own pace. Also, there is lots of parking space for your bicycles as well as more than 500 km of bicycles lanes. Plus, Malmö has no hills and is completely flat and has a lot of parks and green spots. These include Kungsparken, Pildammsparken or Daniaparken.

Nature around Malmö

In and around Malmö you can easily find thousands of bicycle routes to go on interesting bicycle tours. The west coast is close to Malmö and a beautiful place to have your tour. You can go for hours and hours with your bike, and either start your tour from Malmö or end your tour in Malmö. Anyway, you can be sure to see lots of beautiful untouched Swedish nature.